About Israel


Israel – ranked 40 (of 189 economies) in The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Survey
Israel is a modern country with a vibrant, diverse business community. Israel is a thoroughly westernized country and excels in every variety of business and industry. Most Israelis in the business arena speak fluent English, and business services are sophisticated, accessible and completely comfortable for the business traveler.

Innovative export industries are the engine of the Israeli economy and even very small Israeli firms operate on a global scale. Many large exhibitions are held in Israel featuring locally and internationally developed technologies in communications, computing, defense, medicine, farming and more. With so many foreign business visitors, the tourism industry is adept at meeting international needs.

Israel is one of the very few countries in the world where huge overseas investments in Israeli companies are matched by no less significant Israeli investments all over the world. The country is no longer just a recipient of business tourism based on its booming technology industries – it is the starting point for business ventures of all kinds all over the world. The variety of business – from multinational corporations that have R&D production facilities in Israel to Israeli firms active in real estate — ensure that professional and business services are at the top international level.

Business services include hotels tailored for business visitors, event halls, elaborate convention centers of all sizes, exhibition halls, advanced multimedia equipment and capabilities, the finest in communication equipment and advanced transportation.


Fast facts

Population: 8,412,000
Capital: Jerusalem
Languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic
Currency: New Israeli Shekel
Independence date: 14.5.1948
Source: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs ; www.goisrael.com


Israel – Spirit of Creativity